i_squeeze :

I’m an Office Manager and Senior Executive Assistant with a current security clearance (secret) and military background. I want to search for a job, but in no particular city. How do I do that? Normally when job searching, you search for a job in a particular city. I just want to put my resume out there and see what feedback I get. Any suggestions? Thanks.

dingding :

I might have to start job searching in a couple of months due to a potential layoff. I haven’t been in the job market for several years, and I know there are a ton of new job search websites out there since then. Used to be that Monster was pretty much it! I have a bachelor’s and about 20 years experience in the marketing/advertising field. I would appreciate recommendations for professional sites that offer more than just a bunch of entry-level stuff and bogus sales jobs.

jaded_u_714 :

I am currently trying to job hunt and am interested in a financial counseling position with a non-profit compant. I DO NOT want to work for a credit card company…only non-profits! I am having a horrible time finding any jobs that are anything close to what I want to do. I am using Monster and Yahoo Hotjobs and can’t find a thing. Anyone have any search tips for this career or any other sites that could help me? Thanks!! And btw, I will be an AFC (an Accredited Financial Counselor) soon so I have more than the needed experience and credentials.
pharmacy tech

adubka :

Im currently an accountant for a large company and most days consist of balancing not falling asleep and updating spreadsheets/databases. I would like to move into a financial analyst role that would involve some travel, as I feel this would add an interesting dimension to my career. The problem Im having is with the major job search websites, non of which seem to offer much info regarding travel involved with the postings. Does anyone have any ideas where I can find this information, or even a specific company to look into?

Anything helps!

waterrafter1234 :

I am planning on moving to Chicago in two months and have been trying to do my job search from several states away. I am not sure if there is more that I can be doing–mostly I have been applying online. Any tips on what I can do to make myself noticed by potential employers? I am a little afraid that they might be turned off by the fact that I live so far away right now. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!

stridermorph :

I can’t find a job search engine that has job openings for an inexperienced 16 yr old high school student.

Shasta McNasty 2007 :

I know I can write off expenses related to a job search. I was searching for a job for two months, and during that time, I racked up $400 in cell phone calls (phone interviews, voicemail). However, I have personal calls mixed in as well. Can I write off the bills for the entire two months, or only the specific phone calls I made?

telenaus :

I’m coming back into the work force after a long period of time almost 10 years, and my nephew is getting ready to go in to the workforce for the first time (we are both getting out of schools), should we be looking at the same job search sites (monster / career builder, etc) , and which seem to be the best to use?
AH the fun thing about being a lvl 3 on here is I expect to hear a load of cr** but sometimes you get someone who actually answers, and helps.

ranbruton :

I am a teacher looking to get into a different profession. I want to start a job search but I have school until June. Is it too early to start looking for a job? Also, will anybody give me an interview if I say on my resume that I can’t start until June?

voncasec :

I am looking fora job in GIS/Remote Sensing and I was curious if anyone can recommend a really god job search database for this or any other field. i.e. are there better job posting sites than monster or hot jobs?

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What is the best job search websites in the middle east?

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