What are the best job search websites these days?


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I might have to start job searching in a couple of months due to a potential layoff. I haven’t been in the job market for several years, and I know there are a ton of new job search websites out there since then. Used to be that Monster was pretty much it! I have a bachelor’s and about 20 years experience in the marketing/advertising field. I would appreciate recommendations for professional sites that offer more than just a bunch of entry-level stuff and bogus sales jobs.



theladders.com is the best i have seen


If your looking for a marketing job, nothing beats marketingcrossing.com. They have over 500 analysts who research hundreds of thousands of marketing job openings all over the country. They even have Fortune 500 company job openings listed. Plus they are tons of great features, like news feeds, resume uploads, and advanced search techniques.

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