Job search help! What should I look for when looking for financial counseling jobs?


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jaded_u_714 :

I am currently trying to job hunt and am interested in a financial counseling position with a non-profit compant. I DO NOT want to work for a credit card company…only non-profits! I am having a horrible time finding any jobs that are anything close to what I want to do. I am using Monster and Yahoo Hotjobs and can’t find a thing. Anyone have any search tips for this career or any other sites that could help me? Thanks!! And btw, I will be an AFC (an Accredited Financial Counselor) soon so I have more than the needed experience and credentials.
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Dave is an excellent career consulting firm.
I highly recommend them. I bought their cd which covers interviewing, leadership, implementation and other business skills you don’t learn in school. Also included is access to the phone advice line. You can speak directly to the author. He was a hiring manager on Wall St for many years-very helpful.
Good luck


Try the chamber of commerce in your area. Ours uses these credit service providers to counsel its members etc. Good luck

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