What are the best ways to search for and land a salary job?


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JistheRealDeal :

I have been unemployed for the past 3 months. Before that I was employed full time for the last 11 years and earned my bachelor’s degree in managment a few months ago. During my unemployment period I have been applying for jobs and have had interviews but have not landed a job as of yet. I look back and see that I have not been aggressive enough in my job search and need to drastically pick up the pace. Is is acceptable to personally go to the companies and ask for an interview? I need to get a job ASAP.


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dave s

I would say that would probably be overly aggressive. I have never heard of someone using that tactic successfully. If you are getting interviews, that means that you are heading in the right direction. Although I can imagine that it is tough with no money coming in, hang in there and good luck.


You already know the answer to that.Trust yourself.Stop letting doubts keep you from taking that leap of faith.You are holding back. Let go of disbelief.Somewhere is a job looking for you.You spent the last three months reflecting and evaluating.Time to pick up the pieces,go back to square one,I think it’s time for a change.

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