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waterrafter1234 :

I am planning on moving to Chicago in two months and have been trying to do my job search from several states away. I am not sure if there is more that I can be doing–mostly I have been applying online. Any tips on what I can do to make myself noticed by potential employers? I am a little afraid that they might be turned off by the fact that I live so far away right now. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!



The process is pretty simple.

Provide a local Chicago address because you are planning to move there anyway.

Unless you are a high paid professional you would look at starting your job search 2 weeks before your planned moved. Usually it takes one or 2 weeks to read resumes and organise interviews.

It is unlikely that you would be able to find a job before you move, because with unemployment so high, employers will simply seek out a local person who is as good or nearly as good as you are.

I guess this isn’t much help but it is how the system works.


go to and send your resume
employers can select resumes from all over the country, whether relocating or not

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