How can I search for job listings that are for teenagers? I need a job BAD! I’ll be 15 on the 31st of March


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Devan! :

I want to look for job listings for people around my age but I have no idea how or where to look. What are some job search engines I can use online?


Lost and Solus

At your age, you won’t find many career’s that will be flexible for you. The only suggestions I have are:

Paper Rounds.
Neighbourhood/Home Chores.
Pub/Small Shop Work

Small jobs. You won’t find anything big at your age I’m afraid.


job search engines are not the best place to look. Ask your school librarian for some help. At my school there is a career center with lots of job listings for teens starting at age 14 selling newspapers.

Arianna L

well most places don’t offer jobs until you turn 16. but try corner stores in the nieghborhood and restuarents




I’m fifteen and before I got a job I just put my resume everywhere. I wasn’t picky (you can’t be at fifteen). I was basically willing to work at the place that called me.

I mostly applied to fast food chains, as they are the only places that can hire 15-year-olds. Where I live, anyway.

Good Luck.

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